Through our student recruitment agency, we strive to simplify the complex process of finding the right university and program by offering comprehensive support, guidance, and resources tailored to each student's unique needs and goals. 


Besides answering all your questions about studying in Hungary or Czech Republic, we will help by finding the right university for you, with programs suited to your unique needs and goals.


We will communicate with your chosen university and help you fill out your university application by sorting out all the needed documentation for forms, as different universities have different requirements.


We can help finding the right apartments or dorms for your stay to make your move an easier and more comfortable experience. 


We can provide you with the best routes and options to travel to Hungary or Czech Republic from your country, and also arrange transportation from the airport to your apartment or dorm.


You will have our guidance with your visa procedure.

Support buddy

Moving to a new environment can be overwhelming, therefore we will provide a welcoming 'family' environment for you. We can help you settle in by showing you around and giving you an introduction and tips to how student life is in central Europe once you make your move.

CasaFest International, Budapest
+36 30 940 0819 
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